Atlantic Productions and the Field Museum bring to life the world’s biggest, best-preserved, and most complete T. rex

December 18, 2018

Award-winning Atlantic Productions reveal ground-breaking new digital environment at the Field Museum, Chicago

Atlantic Productions reveal cutting-edge animations for the Field Museum, Chicago’s fierce T. rex fossil, SUE in new –5,100 square feet experience opening on 21st December. After a year-long project, the most complete T. rex, SUE, is now up-to-date with the latest scientific research and is in a new “private suite” that shows what SUE’s world was like. The animations bring to life how the T. rex would have interacted with other dinosaurs and what the landscape looked like in the Hell Creek Formation in the Late Cretaceous.

Atlantic Productions worked side-by-side with Field Museum palaeontologists Dr. Peter Makovicky, William Simpson, and Dr. Thomas Cullen to ensure every detail of the animations represents current scientific knowledge about the creatures and environment depicted. For example, the textures of the skin are modelled on fossilised dinosaur skin, and the 3D model for SUE was built up from a scan of the mounted fossil itself.

The scenes include the dramatic clash between SUE and a Triceratops, SUE stalking a herd of Edmontosaurus and even depicts SUE having a poop! They are displayed on six rear-projection screens, each measuring 49 by 106 inches and resulting in an awesome total width of 24 feet 6 inches. The animations are rendered at 6000 by 2160 pixels resulting in a bespoke widescreen format and are accompanied by custom soundscapes featuring the environmental noises of the landscapes.

Anthony Geffen, CEO of Atlantic Productions says ‘We are enormously proud of these dramatic and visually stunning scenes. They form a perfect setting for this prestigious fossil which is the oldest, most complete and biggest T. rex ever discovered. The work builds on our long history of projects with the innovative US Museum sector which also include Giant Screen film and television documentaries’

Taylor Peterson, Digital Project Manager at the Field said ‘The goal for this project was to bring SUE’s world to life. The formidable presence and beautiful style of these animations allow our visitors to feel not only completely immersed in the environment but also witness a more updated version of what scientists think T. rex looked like and how it behaved–we’re incredibly proud to provide this experience as part of the new gallery design.’

The animations build on the Atlantic Productions group’s award-winning CGI capabilities and the creation of inspiring scientifically accurate environments for the Museum sector.