David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef Dive goes to Glastonbury with Greenpeace

June 30, 2016

Over 3000 festival-goers at this year’s Glastonbury Festival battled through the mud to dive the Great Barrier Reef with David Attenborough at the Greenpeace field.


Alchemy VR was previewing a special edit of the Great Barrier Reef VR Dive experience that is currently showing in museums all around the world.


We were even honoured by a visit from the mighty Michael Eavis himself! As well as founding arguably the world’s best festival, Eavis is also a longtime supporter of environmental issues.


Since filming on the Great Barrier Reef in October 2015, 22% of the reef has been destroyed by coral bleaching, so it was a particularly poignant time to share the film with the festival audience.


It was a great pleasure for the Alchemy team to support Greenpeace in the vital work they do, and we had an awful lot of fun with their wonderful hard-working volunteers and all the lovely people who came and enjoyed the VR Dive too.