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Atlantic to Bring Penguins to Life in 3D

December 15, 2010

Following the first partnership between Atlantic, Sir David Attenborough and Sky 3D with Flying Monsters 3D, a new collaboration has been announced today to make Penguins 3D. A dramatic look into the world of King penguins, the film promises romance, in-fighting and high drama, all set on the spectacular and uninhabited island of South Georgia.

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‘Iceland’s Volcano: The Next Eruption’ – Atlantic Team Completes New Special

May 15, 2010

Atlantic Productions has completed a fast turnaround one-hour special¬†for partners including Discovery Channel UK, BBC Worldwide and NRK looking at what might happen next following the recent eruption of the Icelandic volcano that brought Europe’s air traffic to a¬†standstill, leaving passengers stranded around the world.

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‘Rome Unwrapped’ to be launched at MIP

April 9, 2010

Atlantic Production’s major new eight-part series Rome Unwrapped is to be launched at MIP TV in April 2010.

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‘Flying Monsters 3D’

April 4, 2010

Atlantic Productions is producing a groundbreaking new 3D film in preparation for the launch of Sky 3D – Europe’s first 3D TV channel.

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Atlantic Produces HD Content for Cleopatra Exhibition

March 1, 2010

Atlantic Productions has been commissioned by Arts and Exhibitions International to create a series of High Definition video content pieces to be used in their major new exhibition Cleopatra: The Search For The Lost Queen of Egypt.

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