Apollo 11: The Untold Story

The inside story of man's first steps on the Moon

Drawing on the first-hand testimony of astronaut Buzz Aldrin, Flight Director Gene Kranz and many other key figures involved in the moon landing, this documentary special presents the untold story of the Apollo 11 mission.

Title: Apollo 11: The Untold Story

Released: 2005

Runtime: 1 x 60

Everybody thinks they know about Apollo 11, yet few realise how complicated the mission was and how close it came to ending in disaster.

This stunning documentary special reveals what really happened on the most celebrated space mission of all time, the primitive technology that NASA used to land a man on the moon, the computer alarms that almost led the mission to be aborted, secret memos buried by NASA officials identifying dangerous design faults and the UFOs seen by the astronauts.

We discover how a simple household object saved the mission from disaster and hear President Nixon’s ‘Moon Disaster Speech’ that was prepared by White House officials in the event of tragedy.


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