David Attenborough Meets President Obama

The leader of the western world and the world's greatest naturalist discuss the future of the planet.

In this extraordinary television programme, President Barack Obama interviews Sir David Attenborough at the White House.

Title: David Attenborough Meets President Obama

Released: 2016

Runtime: 1 x 60

The leader of the Western world wanted to meet Attenborough to talk to him about climate change, its effect on the environment, and to ask Attenborough his thoughts on the most critical issues threatening our planet.

The President has long been a huge admirer of Attenborough’s work, he grew up watching Attenborough’s films, and after 60 years exploring the globe Sir David Attenborough has witnessed the changing natural world first-hand. During this candid meeting, they discuss the future of the planet, their passion for nature and what can be done to protect it.

Viewers will witness a unique exchange between the two men; the President talks about his initiatives for tackling climate change and addressing environmental issues, as well as his paternal roots in Africa and how his childhood in Hawaii and Indonesia established an enduring love of the natural world. David Attenborough relates tales from his long career, his recent record-breaking dive on the Great Barrier Reef and what he believes needs to be done about pressing issues such as the rising population, climate change and renewable energy.


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