Egypt’s Mystery Chamber

Follow a team of experts as they piece together a new theory that the KV63 chamber in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings is actually a funeral cache.

Title: Egypt’s Mystery Chamber

Released: 2003

Runtime: 1 x 45

As archaeologists began to search for clues as to what KV63 was, tantalizing glimpses pointed to a connection with King Tut. In 2009 Dr Otto Schaden and his team returned to KV63 and they may have finally solved its mystery.

Follow the team as they piece together a new theory based on clues that this chamber was a funerary cache. Coffins with their names scrubbed out, bowls and other artefacts associated with Egyptian burials all eventually led to one conclusion – there was no mummy in KV63 because the place was never used as a tomb. Dr. Schaden believes that all the evidence, including exquisitely crafted pillows and a bed adorned with the heads of lions all point to the burial of the boy king himself.

Most importantly, this extraordinary new find gives a rare glimpse into a world we were never supposed to see – the results of preparations for the funeral rites of an Egyptian pharaoh.


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