Iceland Volcano: The Next Eruption

The science behind one of Europe's most disruptive eruptions

In 2010 a giant ash cloud brought Europe’s airlines to a standstill, this fast turnaround film looks at the science behind the eruption of Iceland’s volcano.

Title: Iceland Volcano: The Next Eruption

Released: 2010

Runtime: 1 x 60

In 2010 Europe’s air traffic was brought to a standstill leaving thousands of passengers around the world stranded. It was Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull eruption that caused the disruption, when it blew in April of that year molten rock up to 1,100°c hit the glacier above and a giant ash cloud formed, rising to a jaw-dropping 10,600 metres.

But what led to such unprecedented chaos? How can ash that cannot even be detected by radar systems pose such a threat to modern aircraft? And could this be just the beginning of a series of much bigger eruptions?  This eruption may not be an isolated event with a rise in seismic activity across the island some scientists believe that Iceland may be at the dawn of a new volcanic age.

Drawing on the expertise of leading volcanologists and with stunning first-hand footage, this film looks at the science behind this extraordinary event, and the volcanoes that could affect us in the future.