Lost Pyramid

Unearthing ancient Egypt's biggest secret.

Egypt’s greatest pyramid is found and brought back to life in this stunning feature length documentary.

Title: Lost Pyramid

Released: 2008

Runtime: 1 x 90

In Egypt, archaeologists have uncovered the ruins of a giant structure just five miles north of the three pyramids of Giza, which once stood higher than the Great Pyramid. But it has been forgotten by history –  until now. This is the story of the lost pyramid of Giza.

Having gained exclusive filming rights to the first full excavation of the site, this film allows us, after nearly five thousand years, to brush away the desert sands and uncover what the archaeological team believes to be the fourth pyramid of Giza.

Using cutting edge visual effects, The Lost Pyramid reconstructs the forgotten pyramid for the first time, and reveals that all four pyramids were connected in an incredible complex, complete with palaces, giant canals and causeways. Interwoven throughout these exciting finds, dramatic reconstructions tell the back story of the most powerful and prolific of all Egypt’s dynasties.


The Lost Pyramid is one of those rare documentaries with a revelation so stunning