Neferteti Ressurected

One of the greatest riddles of Egyptian history solved.

A major documentary feature that makes one of the greatest discoveries since the uncovering of the tomb of Tutankhamun.

Title: Neferteti Ressurected

Released: 2005

Runtime: 1 x 90

3000 years ago in the land of the Pharaohs a mysterious mummy was stashed in a secret tomb in the Valley of the King’s. All clues to its identity were stripped from the corpse and its face cruelly smashed in. Three millennia on and the body still lies where it was hidden, its existence unknown, ignored and forgotten – until now.

Nefertiti: Resurrected is the story of British Egyptologist Dr Joann Fletcher’s quest to prove the mummy is none other than Ancient Egypt’s most enigmatic queen – Nefertiti. Using 21st century digital x-ray technology and the latest computer facial reconstruction techniques the mummy with no face has its identity restored and reveals one of the most recognisable icons from a lost world.

Combining specially shot footage with dramatic reconstructions and computer graphics, Emmy nominated Nefertiti: Resurrected recreates the lost world of Nefertiti and brings to life one of the most turbulent and intriguing times in Egyptian history.


We do love a good historical mystery, and here’s one

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Los Angeles Times

Riveting documentary…fascinating mystery

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This is a fascinating quest to identify a long lost mummy… great visual effects

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