The Bachelor King

A story of one King Penguin's journey from awkward adolescent to adulthood

Stunning 3D cinematography takes us into an extraordinary sub-Antarctic island, home to majestic albatrosses, brawling elephant seals – and six million penguins.

Title: The Bachelor King

Released: 2011

Runtime: 1 x 75

Three years ago, The Bachelor King left home. He partied at sea – he adventured, he matured. And now he is returning to the place where he was born and raised: Penguin City. This is one of the most densely-packed, sought-after pieces of real estate in the entire southern hemisphere and somehow he must establish his own place in it and find a mate.

Our hero and his mate must do all they can to get their chick through this first perilous year. Together, they must feed it – teach it, protect it from the harsh weather and blood-thirsty predators. Orcas lurk below the ocean waves; massive elephant seals control the beaches while giant petrels and murderous skuas dominate the skies above. When Penguin City comes under attack, The Bachelor King bravely defends his chick. But his greatest test comes when tragedy strikes. Suddenly, the family’s survival depends on him and him alone.

Shot over 6 months, using specially designed 3D cameras stereoscopic rigs, this story immerses the audience in a dramatic rite of passage tale in one of the last great frozen wildernesses in the world.



Advanced Imaging Society Lumiere

Best 3D Documentary


The Sunday Times


The Daily Telegraph