The Bachelor King

A story of one King Penguin's journey from awkward adolescent to adulthood.

Stunning 3D cinematography takes us into an extraordinary sub-Antarctic island, home to majestic albatrosses, brawling elephant seals and six million penguins.

Title: The Bachelor King

Released: 2011

Runtime: 1 x 75

Three years ago, the Bachelor King left home. He partied at sea – he adventured, he matured and now he is returning to the place where he was born and raised: Penguin City. This is one of the most densely-packed, sought-after pieces of real estate in the entire southern hemisphere and somehow he must establish his own place in it and find a mate.

Narrated by David Attenborough and shot over 6 months, using specially designed 3D cameras stereoscopic rigs, this story immerses the audience in a dramatic rite of passage tale in one of the last great frozen wildernesses in the world.



Advanced Imaging Society Lumiere

Best 3D Documentary


The Sunday Times


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