The Link

The missing link in the chain of human evolution.

The oldest complete fossil of a primate has been discovered in Europe. This special follows the team that believes this fossil holds the key to human evolution.

Title: The Link

Released: 2009

Runtime: 1 x 120

When scientists announced the discovery of Ida, a 47 million year old fossil that could be our earliest ancestor, the world was stunned by the detail preserved in the most complete fossil primate ever found. Unlike other famous primate fossils found in Africa’s Cradle of Mankind, Ida is a European fossil, preserved in Germany’s Messel Pit. Fossil analysis reveals that the prehistoric primate was a young female with opposable big toes with nails and a foot bone called the talus bone, which links Ida directly to humans.

With exclusive access to Ida, this film follows the scientists who believe she is one of the missing links in the chain of our evolution. Through the remains of one small primate, the film explores the origins of humankind though a fossil that connects to every one of us.

The Link is a major multi-platform project including a landmark documentary, book and interactive website, which were launched to coincide with the publication of a scientific paper describing one of the most significant discoveries ever made.