Time Scanners

Unlocking the secrets of the world’s greatest engineering achievements.

Using state of the art laser scanning technology, this six-part series uncovers the engineering mysteries of iconic structures from around the world.

Title: Time Scanners

Released: 2013

Runtime: 6 x 60

A team of scientists and historians, led by the expert knowledge of one of the world’s foremost structural engineers, Steve Burrows, use pioneering laser scanning techniques to unlock the secrets of the world’s greatest engineering achievements.

Using brand new laser technology and software Time Scanners reveals the world’s most iconic sites in a way never seen before, producing results that surprise even the experts. Using these extraordinary scans the team create 3D digital models of the Roman Colosseum, the Egyptian Pyramids, the Incas’ Machu Picchu, St Paul’s in London, Petra and Jerusalem with pin-point accuracy.

With this unique tool and insider access, the team make new discoveries and come up with ground breaking theories about these awe-inspiring places and the people who built them.



The Daily Mail

Burrows uses a lot of history, a little mystery and some 3-D laser scanning to solve the riddle of ancient structures

New York Times


The Sun