Atlantic Productions follow the first ever Solo Submersible Dive to the deepest point in the Atlantic as part of filming a groundbreaking new series for Discovery Channel

December 20, 2018

In a historic feat, explorer Victor Vescovo became the first human to dive on a solo mission to the deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean – the bottom of the Puerto Rico Trench at 8,376 meters/27,480 feet. The previous operational record-holder, the Chinese submersible Jiaolong, has reached a maximum depth of 7,062 meters. Atlantic Productions filmed the dive for a groundbreaking documentary series about the expedition for Discovery Channel, airing in 2020.

“It was an extraordinary dive, and I am so proud of our international team for making it possible over the last few years. It felt great to get to the true bottom of the Atlantic Ocean for the first time in history and to prove the technical capabilities of this diving system, which we believe is now the deepest operational one in the world,” said Victor Vescovo. “We are really looking forward to continuing to the other dive sites, and continuing our technical and scientific goals.”

The next stop on the Five Deeps Expedition is the South Sandwich Trench, the deepest point in the Southern Ocean around Antarctica. The South Sandwich Trench has not been thoroughly explored and is the only subzero Hadal zone  — deeper than 6,000 meters — in the world. Due to its remote location, this dive poses many logistical challenges, however the potential scientific findings could prove to be groundbreaking.

After the South Sandwich Trench dives in February of 2019, the remaining major trench dives planned for the Five Deeps Expedition include:

  • Java Trench (Indian Ocean, 7,290 meters)
  • Mariana Trench/Challenger Deep (Pacific Ocean, 10,925 meters)
  • Molloy Deep (Arctic Ocean, 5,573 meters)

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