Discovery Atlas: Revealed

See Italy, Egypt, and Russia through the eyes of the people who live there in three groundbreaking feature length documentaries.

Released : 2006

Runtime : 3 x 100

Italy, a land of history, passion and beauty, from the art of the Renaissance to the architecture of the emperors. Atlas: Italy Revealed, filmed in high definition over two years, and narrated by Isabella Rossellini, follows the stories of six Italians building their futures on the foundations of their country’s past – a trainee gondolier in Venice, a Palio jockey in Siena, couture designer Angela Missoni in Milan, a mountaineer in the Alps, an aspiring female racing driver in Rome, and a freediver in Sicily. This is their Italy, seen through their eyes.

Over the course of one year, Atlas: Egypt Revealed follows the lives of six Egyptians, determined to combine their heritage with the demands of everyday life. From a 29- year-old businessman who has given up everything, including his family, to join the world’s oldest Christian monastery; to a Bedouin herbal doctor, committed to passing on his tribe’s ancient knowledge to a new generation; to a young and ambitious female magazine editor, setting the trends of Cairo’s elite, the film will observe the traditions, the emotions and the aspirations of everyday life, transporting the viewer into the rarely witnessed world of modern Egypt.

Atlas: Russia Revealed follows the lives of six characters as they redefine what it means to live in a changing country that makes up 1/8th of the world’s landmass, including the 17 year-old gymnast graduating from circus school who dreams of the glorious traditions of Soviet circus; the Priest serving the long-repressed Orthodox believers of the Don river basin on a floating church; the Moscow fashion publisher developing a new title in one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. The film will observe the personal triumphs and tribulations of these lives, shedding light on ancient traditions and brand new aspirations to reveal the true nature of Russia’s soul.

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