Endurance: The Hunt for Shackleton’s Ice Ship

A new expedition breaks under Antarctic ice to hunt the lost ship of famed explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton.

Release : 2020

Runtime : 1 x 90 minutes

Broadcaster : History

In 1914, Ernest Shackleton led an expedition to Antarctica, only for his ship – the Endurance – to become trapped, and ultimately destroyed,  by shifting pack-ice.  To survive, Shackleton and his 27-man crew would have to endure one of the most hostile environments known to man, traversing fragile ice floes and over 800 miles of freezing seas.   

Shackleton’s battle against the odds and his unfailing commitment to bring all his men out alive turned him into a legend that inspires to this day.  The Endurance’s reputation is as illustrious as the Titanic, yet the ship has remained lost for over a hundred years.  Its final resting ground remains one of the greatest polar mysteries.  Now, a documentary team follows a new ground-breaking expedition heading deep into the frozen seas to track down the last piece of the story: Shackleton’s lost ship.

Led by maritime archaeologist and shipwreck expert, Mensun Bound, this expedition is the result of two years of planning and more than $250 million investment in cutting-edge technology as they set out to break through the ice and locate this holy grail of shipwrecks.  



Oliver Twinch


Anthony Geffen

Executive Producer

Siobhan Mulholland

Executive Producer for History

Zach Behr

Location Director

Olive King


Doug Howarth & Arturo Calvete

Director of Photography

Paul Williams

Location Sound

Tamara Stubbs

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