Flying Monsters 3D

While dinosaurs walked the earth, monsters ruled the skies…

Released : 2011

Runtime : 1 x 40 minutes, 1 x 20 minutes

Partners : Sky 3D, National Geographic Entertainment, Serengeti Entertainment

220 million years ago dinosaurs were on their rise to dominating Earth. But another group of reptiles was set to make an extraordinary leap: these creatures were about to take control of the skies. They were the pterosaurs – after insects, the first animals ever to fly, and the story of how and why these mysterious creatures took to the air is more fantastical than any fiction.

Flying Monsters 3D, narrated by Sir David Attenborough, the world’s leading naturalist, sets out to uncover the truth about the enigmatic pterosaurs. As state of the art 3D CGI recreates these spectacular creatures and takes us into their world, scientists and engineers help us to understand the incredible story of their evolution. It’s a story told through a series of stunning environments including the Big Bend National Park in Texas, Lyme Regis in Britain and locations in France and Germany. In many ways the story of the pterosaur is the story of every creature that has ever flown.

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