Inside the Commons

A major documentary series going for the first time where cameras are normally fobidden. Inside the commons was filemed with unprecedented access.

Released : 2015

Runtime : 4 x 60 minutes

Reporter Michael Cockerell presents this major new four-part documentary series which follows Ministers and MPs highs and lows as they seek to navigate the machinery of the House, to make laws and fight their constituents’ battles.

Traveling deep inside the corridors of the Palace of Westminster, this series reveals what really went on behind the scenes during the run-up to one of the most unpredictable general elections ever.

Inside the Commons also introduces the nation to the people who keep the Commons working from the keeper of Big Ben, the Hawker responsible for keeping pigeons off the 19th-century stonework and the gospel-singing tea lady of the Members Tea Room. From crumbling stonework to leaky roofs, this series shows the challenges faced as staff strive to keep the country’s most iconic and historic building functioning as a modern parliament.

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