Legend of the Holy Spear

A priest and a scientist reach back through the mists of legend and time in search for the true spear that pierced the side of Christ at the crucifixion.

Released : 2010

Runtime : 50 minutes

When Christ was crucified 2,000 years ago a Roman guard thrust a spear in his side to see if he was still alive. In that moment the spear that pierced him became a powerful holy relic. What happened to the Spear thereafter is a heady mix of myth, half truth and fact.

To confuse matters further, today there are three Spears claiming to be the Holy Spear; the Armenia Spear, the Vatican Spear, and the Vienna Spear –each of which is shrouded in its own stories of prophecy and power. The Legend of the Holy Spear follows two specialist investigators attempting to discover which is the true Holy Spear.

Robert Feather, an antiquities archaeologist with specialist knowledge of ancient metals and artefacts, subjects each spear to a rigorous scientific assessment to determine its age and provenance. Peter Owen Jones, a priest, and theologian, retraces the history of each spear back through time to reveal their connection to the Holy Land. Subjecting each of the Spears to a rigorous scientific appraisal and closely analysing the stories and legends behind them, the film reveals astonishing, never before seen clues as to their provenance, and finally reveals which one is the true Spear of Christ.

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