The Mysterious Death of Cleopatra

Shedding light on an ancient legend, a special investigation uses recent discoveries to reveal that Cleopatra’s death may not in fact have been suicide.

Released : 2004

Runtime : 60 minutes

Egypt’s last Pharaoh, the ancient world’s most famous woman; the lover of Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony, and ruler of the Egyptian empire. This is the historical image of Cleopatra – a woman who died for love, the victim of a self-inflicted snakebite. Now 2,000 years after her death, this special investigation penetrates the distant past and sheds new light on Cleopatra’s extraordinary life and her mysterious death.

Top US Criminal Profiler, Pat Brown, and a team of experts in archaeology and toxicology, psychology and Egyptology, re-examine the suicide story and find that all the leads point to a very different story – the murder of the Egyptian queen. The team identify a prime suspect, a man who had everything to gain by Cleopatra’s death.

The Mysterious Death of Cleopatra combines modern criminal profiling techniques, stylish dramatisations and state of the art CGI to investigate the most famous suicide in history. History is rewritten as a compelling case for murder is presented.

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