Undercover in the Jungle

A team of wildlife filmmakers go on a unique expedition to the most biodiverse region of the world, the Yasuni Rainforest in Ecuador. Their mission is to install a network of remotely operated cameras and minicams to capture the intimate lives of wildlife here 24/7 in a whole new way.

Released : 2019

Runtime : 60 minutes

Broadcaster : PBS

An ambitious new natural history format following a team of naturalists and wildlife filmmakers on a unique expedition into the most biodiverse region of the Amazon rainforest. Their mission is to attempt to install a network of remotely operated cameras and mini-cams, in the richest jungle on the planet, to capture the intimate lives of the wildlife here in a whole new way.

Their rig of cameras is fixed across all levels of the rainforest, from down on its dark forest floor right up to its towering tangled canopy 300 feet up in the air. By filming 24/7, day and night, the filmmakers capture the lives of remarkable creatures and discover the incredible tricks that these animals use to survive in this extreme jungle. From agile pygmy marmosets and boisterous howler monkeys, to solitary pumas and mesmerising leaf-cutter ants, they meet a whole host of incredible animal characters carving out a living in this incredible tropical world.

Following the camera crew’s expedition over a month in the Amazon, the show combines stunning natural history footage, the latest camera technology and immersive observational documentary, to uncover the wild secrets of the rainforest like never before.


Director/ Writer

Will Benson


Anthony Geffen

Assistant Producer

Mary Melville

Director of Photography

Robin Cox

Assistant Camera & Drone Op

Sam Meyrick


Sargit Bains

Online Editor

Jean-Paul Vial

Edit Assistant

Solomon Heale

Audio Mix

Ross Millership


Vaudeville Sound

Final Post Production

The Finish Line

Visual Effects


Head of Production

Ian Syder

Production Manager

Tammy Cannon

Production Coordinator

Rebecca Lawrence

For Atlantic Productions

Mimi Gilligan
Vincent Pretorius
Claudia Perkins

For Thirteen Productions LLC

Janet Hess
Bill Murphy
Fred Kaufman

Local Fixers

Yoya Landàzuri
Cristy Landàzuri


Audio Networks LTD.

Special Thanks

Ministry of Environment Ecuador
Yasuni National Park Ecuador
Tiputini Biodiversity Station


Diego Mosquera
Getty Images

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