Who Killed Julius Caesar?

Top  Investigators uncover what really lie behind Ancient history’s most famous crime – the assasination of Julius Caesar.

Released : 2007

Runtime : 60 minutes

On the Ides – 15th of March – 44BC, Julius Caesar Dictator of Rome, and perhaps the greatest general of all time, was assassinated by a conspiracy apparently led by Cassius and Brutus. The case has been closed for over 2,000 years.

A year in the making, this documentary follows investigator Luciano Garofano, Commander of the Northern Forensic Investigation Unit of the Carabinieri – Italy’s equivalent of the FBI; a man who uses the latest forensic techniques to solve Italy’s highest profile crimes, including nailing mafia bosses.  Now his mission is to question the facts behind a 2,000 year-old crime that altered the history of the Western World.

Garofano uses 21st-century techniques to re-examine this ancient crime. He visits the original locations in Rome, reconstructs the crime scene with cutting edge CGI, recreates history’s first recorded autopsy and conducts experimental simulations of the murder. After consulting world authorities, historians, a pathologist and a forensic psychiatrist, Garofano reaches a conclusion which will change the perception of Julius Caesar forever.


solves the mystery once and for all

The Times

Fascinating details paint a compelling picture

Time Out

excellent documentary

The Guardian

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